Chris Bellamy, born and raised in Raleigh, NC migrated to Wilmington at the age of 19. Did opening acts for Jimmy Buffett, Waylon Jennings, Willy Nelson, Emmylou Harris and others. Chris plays most of the summer in and around Wilmington, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC and the Sebastian/South Cental area of Florida in the winter. Chris is also a charter captian in Wilmington, NC and South Central Florida, the Indian River lagoon area, Everglades and the upper Florida Keys. His time on the water helps inspire his creativity in music.

Chris has just released a new CD, Time, Tide and Tackle which is available at and soon at On Valentines day of 2008, the release of his new CD, Chris Bellamy, Blues on the Carolina Coast, Live, with special guest Bob Russell and Dan Dixon will be released. It is mostly original blues/rock/jazz fusion and features a few choice cuts of artist Ray Charles, "The Brightest Smile in Town", Eddie Arnold's "You Don't know me" and Hoagy Carmichael's "Georgia on my mind". Easter will bring another release of his favorite new CD, The Oyster Man, which is ballads mostly about people he has met along the coast and show cases his talent in Blues and country blends.

Chris currently has 5 CDs out. The first two CDs, Island Fever and SandbarParty are combined on The Chris Bellamy Collection, which is a double CD with 20 songs on it, all solo. The third CD, Life in a Beach Town, with special guest Bobby Russell on Guitar and Kendall Turnage on Precussion is a Beachy/jazzy kind of thing that reflects a Beach life style and was recently digitally remastered. The forth CD, "Blue Water World" with special guest Jack Ketner, Dicky Scearce, Bobby Russell, Derwin Hinson and Kendall Turnage has a 70's kind of Buffett sound reminiscent of Buffett's A1A album and other works Buffett did of that style. The 5th CD, Chris Bellamy, Live, Down in the Keys with Key Players was recorded live in the Florida Keys with special guest Paul Case, Steve Webb, Red Seidman, Ken Fradley and Clarence Clemons. It has a Florida Keys kind of energy and is a very warm good feeling recording. Again, it's Chris's Jazzy/Beachy style that helps blend this talented group of players together for a fine collection of cover tunes and original music. All of these CDs are available at and will soon be available at, Best itunes, and for download or hard copies.

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