Hey all you Chris Fans! Here’s something just a bit different this week. A special gift to you from Chris for all the support for his music and for always listening to and streaming his music.

You will have to log in to Facebook to hear this:https://www.facebook.com/chris.bellamy.94/videos/10219435600252972/?t=2

This week, Chris has continued his steady climb up the charts. Check them out:

Up to number 23!! Woohoo!

With all or most of us now under a mandatory stay-at-home, thank you all for supporting Chris, Janet and Miss Bella. Life has slowed down considerably for all of us. And yet, YOU always are there with such support for the man, his guitar, and his songs. Thank you.

If you know Chris, though, you know he always has time for adventure. And yes, he is practicing social distancing to find adventures.

But, until next time, YOU ALL please stay safe and well.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Thank you from Vicki of vickiviall.com.