Here’s to the completion of Chris’ recovery and MORE music!

Well, we are a couple of weeks away from Isaias, and clean up is well underway. Repairs have been or are being made. Trash has been or is being hauled away. Storms windows are down…well, actually no. We are still in Hurricane Season. So, our view outdoors is somewhat limited, except for the strip cutout that allows me to see that it is pouring outside.

But, inside, we have music for you!!

First, though. Cleanup, is indeed, well along. Nerves have, mostly, returned to normal. And Chris took time out today to record a song from his first CD and a song that remains one of his favorites, “Island Style.”

From the era of that song, Chris decided to share a Pearl of Wisdom that he learned from Captain Dennis: “You ain’t got no problems til you can’t breathe.”

So, with that being said, life is grand. Right?

Since Chris has some special words for you in today’s video, I just want to take a moment to say thank you to each of you for supporting our work here. Also, some of you have been checking out my website and I want to thank you for that. There is a new blog up today along with new photos all throughout the site, so please be sure to check that out, as well.

Since we don’t know where many of you are from, perhaps you can comment with at least the state you are reading this in. If you have any Chris stories, feel free to share those as well. Perhaps, we can incorporated those into future blogs.

Happy to be singing for you again!

And, there you have it for this week’s folks. Thank you ALL for your continued support and dedication. See you next week!