Well, this was an eventful week out here on Middle Sound. We have had a special visitor. His name is Isaias. And, he tried to creep by unnoticed. That is, until he met the warmer waters around Southport. From that point on, Isaias got serious.

We spent hours watching radar and listening to the limbs, and branches, and pinecones, and pecans, and such, hitting the roof.

The first view out the back door was part of the pecan tree covering the back deck. And the rest of the yard was covered with pieces of three old oak trees.

The Bella Dog Fence was down under one of the oak trees, but that hasn’t phased Bella.

The oak tree leaning in the back corner of the yard, and pictured above, actually rested on a branch from another oak that kept the house from being crushed. See, having someone (or something) to lean can affect many things.

There were four individuals that jumped in and cleaned up the yard.

First were Andy Case, Handyman extraordinaire, and his co-handyman, Al. They labored for hours hauling branches, cutting up more, and then relocating the debris out to the front of the house for pickup.

This is Andy Case. If you need an all-around, extremely knowledgeable, and trained handyman, this is your guy! If you have need for a handy man, contact Chris directly to get Andy’s contact information.

One of the other helpers, Colton Stephenson, is our regular yard man. He is currently enrolled in Wake Tech, but to contact him, also go directly through Chris.

Lastly, we have the tree top climber, Jeseph Kaynor. That is him in the tree cutting off branches to save that grand old oak tree. Cutting trees is a part time after hurricane job for Jeseph. He normally masquerades as a Project Manager. Again, to reach him directly, go through Chris.

Now, lest you think there has been no music this week, here is a very brand-new song from Chris. In fact, it was written this very morning. So, this is the grand unveiling of “I Hate Hurricanes.”

Appropriate, don’t you think? 😉

Well, that is life this week on Middle Sound Loop. Hope all of you in Isaias’ path and or near today’s earthquake are all safe and well. Why, because we dearly want to see you right back here next week.

So, from Chris, Janet and Bella, please stay safe and enjoy a spectacular week!

As always, take care from me (Vicki).

Check out MY blog from this week: Just. Reach. Out. It may help any suffering from hurricane stress or any other issues. Thank you and stay safe!