Well, as we were on the cusp of entering the weekend, we were facing the very real possibility of a hurricane in the coming week. It looks like we might be lucking out on that. At this point, anyway, it’s looking more like a glancing blow from Tropical Storm Isaias.

And because of that, Chris made a post to those jumping in to help get CBR prepared – just in case. So, directly from Chris:

“Hurricane Season in NC. Well, we got everything done today with Andy, Al, Colt and Matt WallJanet Babson Seal and Vicki Viall. Matt helped out by getting my truck going with a new battery. Matt owns Wall’s Automotive and does great work just so you know. Good folks! My thoughts on hurricane season. I hate big storms and even little ones can cause problems too. So, today we boarded up all the old windows with my hurricane shutters that I made years ago. We ran the generators to make sure they’ll start easy if we need them and got all the boats put away. This time we tarped my skiff and the Dream Lady even though they are both in the boat sheds. I’ve got generator fuel and all my vehicles are running good. Thanks to my friends who made it a lot easier! There is already talk of more storms on the way! So, I’m just gonna leave my stuff boarded up until the end of hurricane season because this is a lot of work to get ready for these all too often storms!”

As we were talking about this week’s blog, Chris said he was working on something.

He was, indeed. And so, for this week’s treat, Hurricane Warning performed by Chris Bellamy for YOU!

Thank you to all who have been asking how Chris’ recovery is going. It would not be an understatement to say it is spectacular.

After any major surgery, there are better days than others. Still, with the weight loss and lowering of his sugar levels, he is amazing even his doctor.

Chris is working on upcoming projects, but he still has to be careful and take things slowly. But, as you can see and hear, he is still spending quality time with that incredible Nunnally Archtop Guitar. Such a sweet and rich sounding guitar, don’t you think?

And, that smile at the end says it all. He is having fun and feeling SO much better.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more about the upcoming projects, I promise.

But, until then, just enjoy Hurricane Warning and to all in the potential path of Isaias, please stay safe and dry!

We will be right here next week and looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you then.

Many thanks from ALL of us here at CBR.


Oh, Miss Bella wanted to jump in and thank you for all the prayers you have been sending this way. But, she was too busy finishing Auntie V’s manicotti sauce to actually speak. Those were her thoughts, tho. 😉