Though we are still in lock-down mode, the Bella Bus is going to be heading north towards North Carolina in the near future. Chris wanted to share that, though he had a very full calendar of events booked for this summer, much, if not all of that, is now cancelled or up in the air.

The Boss has spoken: Bella is ready to be home!

This follows on the heels of last season that saw a financial hit for most of the Wilmington area due to Florence related damage that gave us a slower tourism season than normal.

With the current lock-down, rentals are not available, restaurants and bars are still closed, and now it looks like it will be a minimum of 2-6 weeks before any form of normal returns.

With that in mind, if any of you North Carolina fans and friends know of someone in need of a world-renowned musician/storyteller, please let Chris know!

For any of you not familiar with #ReopenNC, please check them out. They are desperately trying to get the facts of what this lock-down has done, and is continuing to do, to damage our local businesses. ReopenNC, is working to restore the state’s ability to open stores and businesses to support the area and ensure these businesses do survive.

In my other job, I have the opportunity to speak to area business owners daily. Many have already expressed true concern over whether they will be able to survive and reopen at all. And, with the extension of the lock-down, many more are now expressing that same concern.

Help out our neighbors by supporting businesses that are open and struggling and continue to urge the Governor to open the state up for business. If these struggling businesses do not survive, many people will be without jobs, and many businesses will be gone.

Closed businesses affect so many just like Chris.

Six weeks, plus the four already locked down, will forever affect musicians like Chris and too many businesses and owners to count. Stand up for your friends and neighbors AND your state.

And, as we sign off, give a listen to Chris’ current song riding up the charts.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe week. Keep streaming that song and get Chris on up to that #1 spot! AND get out and support our local businesses when you can!

See you next week.

Vicki from