Wow, these days we all have very definite points of view. And, enough about that. This Point of View is a favorite of Chris’ from his Island Fever/Sandbar CD.

Before we get to that, I have a couple of dates to point out to you, just in case you missed them.

First up, and it’s NOT on the calendar as I type this, but will be shortly. On November 14, Chris will be playing at the Ogden Tap Room from 7pm – 10 pm.

And on November 27, Chris will be back at Quarter Moon Books, Gifts, and Wine Bar on Topsail Beach. That is on the calendar so check it out and make your plans, now.

And send up prayers for good weather as both have outdoor venues!

So, just a question, and Chris would VERY much like to get your feedback on this.

It has been a long year thus far, and the future for live entertainment is still up in the air for the near future. So, how would you feel about live Podcasts? Something along the line of the blogs, but a longer version with Chris singing your favorite songs – both old and new.

The idea is to make some money, of course, but if that is the route the Podcast takes, we all want to make sure the requested amount or suggested tips is reasonable.

Again, any feedback on that will be HUGELY appreciated.

Now, here is a bit of a special treat for you all from Chris:

This plane was made by Chris’ grandfather, Howard Bellamy back in the day. Notice the numbers on the tail: CB 2005. Any guesses what CB 2005 stands for?

Okay, there is another treat for you all. And, the one you have been waiting for. Here is Chris singing one of his favorites: “Point of View.”

That song was recorded on his Island Fever/Sandbar CD.

Sit back, relax, and give a listen.

Point of View

Now admit it, you were tapping your feet and dancing along with that one, right?

Well, that’s all for this week. Please know that we appreciate each and everyone of you! We always look forward to Sunday so we can reach out and tell you that.

So you all take care, have a great week, and stay safe and healthy!

Sorry, but I have to go. The boss is waiting for some of my sandwich:

A great week to all!


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