Chris is in Florida with Janet and Bella and enjoying life! He had his first gig of this tour last Friday at Sebastian Tiki Bar (Two Nuts and a Clam). It went great and he is ready for more gigs!

Yeah, a tough place to have to go to work, right? Hoped to have some video. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, but we are going to try again next week.

Until then, the crew is camped out at the “Hearndon Ranch,” visiting with great friends, and just chilling and relaxing. Or, According to Chris, “Mainly just be resting and fixing up my airboat. Me and Justin, Bryan’s stepson did it! It seems like God makes sure I have a helper ever were I go!”

And there you have that. Now, to be sure, Miss Janet and Bella Boo are relaxing a bit, too. Hard to tell from the photos, but they are… 😉

While Chris has been busy performing, his new single has made a huge jump on the charts and is up to #32 this week! How awesome is that! If you haven’t heard this song yet, or just want to hear it again, here you go.

Now, let’s check out those charts for this past week!!

We aren’t done yet! We mentioned a week or two ago, that Chris and I sat down and pre-recorded some short clips to play during this tour. Well, here you go with not one, but two – yes, TWO clips this week. So, kick back and enjoy.

Chris answers the question of who influenced his love of music and dreams and desires of a music career.

As Chris points out in that video clip, he is playing the guitar built by Mike Nunnally. I played guitar for years and can vouch that this guitar is truly incredible sounding. I don’t remember ever hearing a guitar with such a rich, deep, mellow sound. To learn more about Mike and his Mandolins and Guitars, check it out!

On the last video for this week, Chris plays just a bit to let you hear this beautiful guitar and the music that Chris and the guitar create together. Check that out!

Well, all you Chris fan’s. that’s it for this week! All of us are wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful week and will catch up with you again in a few days.

One last note, Chris’ partner and great friend, Larry of Silver Buckle Records, is in the hospital and Chris would like to ask all to send up some prayers for Larry. Thank you.

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