The Boss put her foot down saying this week’s blog was going to start with her birthday wish for her Daddy: so


Every year we have the opportunity to circle the sun one more time. We have it within us to make it a special and successful trip – or just another ho-hum experience.

Sometimes, that control slips from our grasp, but we still maintain control in the long run, if we choose. But, that’s up to us!

Today is the annual anniversary of Chris Bellamy’s most recent trip – and this year has certainly been an eventful one!

As near as I can remember, it started normally enough – and then went haywire!

There have been two surgeries and a nasty COPD Exacerbation that very nearly did one of us in.

We’re here. We’re still moving forward. And, we are still loving Life!

And, for those lucky enough to be in the Myrtle Grove are tomorrow night (Friday, July 23, 2021) from 7 pm to 10 pm, come on down to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Myrtle Grove!

Until or after that, her is a special rendition from Mr. Bellamy about that trip around the sound.

Pull up a chair, get comfy and give a listen:

There are a couple more gigs this week, but they are private.

Please be sure to check right back here no later than Sunday for updates on dates and venues.

Until then, thank you for listening and checking in and beings faithful. We love you, appreciate you, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay safe and well,