That’s right, Texas Broadcasting Network has been nominated as Country Music Radio Station of the Year (2019)! Congratulations to station owner, Larry Simpson.

Larry is also the Label Head for Silver Buckle Records and, therefore, pivotal to Chris Bellamy’s music career.

Word is out that there will be some news about TBN in the very near future. So, keep looking for that here and/or on Chris’ Facebook Fan Page, or Chris Bellamy Music Publishing Facebook Page.

With Hurricane Isaias cleanup and repairs completed, Chris, Janet, and Miss Bella snuck away this past week for a little rest and recreation at the local KOA.

From all accounts, they rested, played guitar, rested, swam, rested, rode bikes, rested and rested some more. Now back home, just waiting to see what the next weeks and couple of months bring this way.

As mentioned previously, there are several irons in the fire. Just waiting to see which will heat up first. And then, we will be sharing it with YOU.

So, we appreciate all your patience and continued dedication to Chris and his music.

We are sharing a couple of videos you have probably already seen, but one can never hear these songs enough. Right?

Meet Me in Miami
Granddaddy, Daddy, and Me

Today’s blog is short and sweet. Short because we are in a holding pattern, and sweet cause we got to spend time with YOU and re-share some great tunes from Chris.

Hopefully, by this time next week, we can starting letting cats out of bags, so to speak.

In the meantime, sit back, give a listen, and have a wonderful week!!