Ruh-roh, I am on my own today with no adult supervision, so we are going to have a little fun today. 😉

First though, a bit of serious business.

Chris has been actively working his guitars. He has been working on old songs, as well as new songs. He even has a new one that I have not heard yet, but from all accounts, it is incredible.

He has been practicing them in preparation for the recording studio. Won’t be long; I promise!

Chris has been, with doctor permission and approval, working out on his bike. He is SO committed to getting to his target weight. He is, however, doing so with modified eating habits, diet, and with exercise.

Personally, I think all of the above is helping his voice, too. Just don’t tell him I said that, okay? Secrets between friends are acceptable. 😉

Now, Chris, Janet, and Bella snuck away on the Bella Bus last week to the local KOA and had a grand old time just relaxing and enjoying life and each other’s company. Especially Bella! She was like a pup when they came home.

I do believe, though this is not 100% yet, that there will be a Chris Bellamy tune sent out on radio stations in the very near future, so we will be back to tracking the charts for you as he pursues his next #1.

In the meantime, I have been searching through the archives to come up with something upbeat for you all today. It’s MY little thank you for supporting all of our work here. Hope you like it!

This is “The Fisherman’s Song” place on on February 22, 2010. On the song, Chris is accompanied by Connie King on lead accoustic guitar. Enjoy and feel free to clap and sing along if you know the song! Or, keep listening until you can. 🙂

This next video proves I am unsupervised today. I don’t think this is one of Chris’ favorite songs. However, it is one of mine. On this video, Chris is accompanied by his great friend and musician Ken Fradley. Enjoy!!

So, until next week when the adults are back, here’s hoping you have a wonderful and safe week.

By the week, you might want to check out MY latest blog by clicking on my logo below. It’s titled “Fly Me to the Moon” and it’s about having dreams.

Than you ALL and take care and stay safe!