I think we could all use some good news with all that is going on in the world. After a quick trip to Publix for edibles this morning, it quickly confirmed that madness truly is the rule right now. But, that’s all that will be said about that.

Now, on to much more pleasant things like music charts. Check out these chart results from this week. They are confirming that “To Always Be Like This” is off to a very good, solid run up the charts.

Chris is doing himself and Silver Buckle Records proud, is he not? But, don’t think for a minute that Chris is just work and no play. Especially during time in Florida! If you think that, you don’t really know Chris! 🙂

Indeed, Chris, Janet, and Bella are having a grand old time enjoying Fellsmere, camping in the Marsh, and chasing gators on the air boat.

We may have gone a little heavy with photos this week, but, after all, a photo is worth a thousand words right? So, until next time, you all have a great week, stay sane, have fun, and here’s a final “see ya next week!” from Chris, Janet AND Bella!

From Vicki of vickiviall.com