Sadly, I do not have much for this week. I am in NC and dependent on receiving videos and photos. So, again, my apologies but here’s what I do have:

Sun rising in Fellsmere.
Chris getting ready for a walk down a country road.
A view from the Air Boat.
The country road that Chris has been taking long walks on.

The dates have not changed: every Friday afternoon from 1 pm to 5 pm. I realize most of us work and not able to be there.

So, please keep an eye here. As soon as other gigs and dates filter their way to me, they will be posted here.

I am very hopeful about having a video or two for next. Please, don’t give up on us! You all, each and every one mean the world to us.

Still, until next week, please enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, Daylights Savings Shift, and stay safe and well!!