The Bella Bus has landed in Florida. First gig has been fulfilled. And, the airboat has hit the waterway.

In fact, Chris said today that were out near where John Ashley supposedly had his still. I asked him if he finds it, to work up some good ole Jack. We’ll see!! LOL!

So, in honor of that, here’s one of everyone’s favorites:

I’m sure they are merely acting, but it looks like they are having fun, right? LOL!

Click the link. This is what I tried to get (in full length) for last week. It is, however, all I got. Enjoy!!

Sorry, but that’s all for this week. Chris, Janet, and Bella were setting up camp and getting settled in and it was a busy week here on Middle Sound, as well.

Will do our best to make it up to you all next week.

Stay tuned and we will be right here, next Sunday. By the way, do NOT forget that next Sunday is turn the clocks ahead one hour.