Chris, as most of you know, is a storyteller. A musical storyteller, if you will. All his songs are just that: stories.

One of his most requested songs is “The Ballad of John Ashley.” Another is “Queen of the Everglades.”

And, both are based on real people and a real, true story.

Chris is still in Florida, but he did let me know that he had the opportunity this week to sing for and listen to Mrs. Margie Yates of Clewiston, FL. She is related to Chris’ best friend, Brian who some of you may know. Hey Brian!

I know we played “The Ballad of John Ashley” recently, but today, I am going to put that and “Queen of the Everglades” below.

Ballad of John Ashley
Queen of the Everglades

Well, as a lover of history as well as lover of good stories, and since we don’t have Mrs. Yates right here with us, I did the next best thing. Went a-researching!

I am not going to flirt with copyright laws and infringement so, I am going to post links for the Wikipedia page for both Laura Upthegrove (Queen of the Everglades” and John Ashley.

Take your time and read them and then go back and listen to both songs again!


Laura Upthegrove aka Queen of the Everglades.


John Ashley himself.

Okay, now go back and listen to both songs again.

Pretty cool that Chris got a chance to hear all that straight from Mrs. Yates, don’t you think?

Perhaps before they come back to NC, they can sit down with Mrs. Yates again, and tape some of her stories!!

This is what I call a do-it-yourself blog. I can dig up the resources, but I can’t read them for you. But, I truly hope you enjoy reading it as I did. AND, listening to both songs again.

Well, that’s it for this week from both NC and Florida.

Until next Sunday, you wonderful people have a great week, and please stay safe and well!