It was a great treat yesterday to hear and watch an impromptu jam session between Chris Bellamy and Jerry Powell.

By impromptu, I mean absolutely no rehearsal AT ALL. The two chatted about instruments, styles, songs, and so forth. Then, the fun began.

Chris began things with his Nunnally Archtop Guitar and Jerry was on one of two instruments he brought along – a bass guitar.

Back and forth it went from there: Chris song, Jerry song, Chris song, Jerry song. It was such torture being forced to listen to all that excellent music!!

Y’all do know a joke when you hear it, right? 😉

The studio doesn’t leave much room to maneuver, but we did manage to get some photographic evidence of the occasion. Check them out:

Since you all know Chris, here’s the link to Jerry’s music page to learn more about him:

I did manage to sneak an additional treat for y’all. Check this short clip out:

“God Looks After Drunk Sailors, Guitar Players, and Fools” should be released this week to radio stations, so keep checking for it and keep it streaming.


Bella wanted to take a moment to thank you all for supporting her Daddy. As we all do.

You all have a safe week, stay cool in this summertime heat, and stay safe so we can catch you right here again next week.