Straight photo for a change instead of a “paint.”

During one of this week’s Chris Bellamy Live on Facebook Podcasts, a request was made for some beach music.

Beach music happens to be one of my favorite genres. So, I was all over that request.

Chris didn’t know that I had found his Live Down in the Keys album with “Under the Boardwalk” on it.

I mentioned that and, sure enough, Chris jumped in the conversation and made more than a couple people happy with his version of “Under the Boardwalk.”

It may (or may not) be known that Clarence Clemons played on that album. What’s more, if you listen to the song, you will bear a bass voice. Yep, that is Clarence.

Little back story for you here. Chris was down on Marathon Key for a live gig with Red Seidman on violin/fiddle and Chris, of course, picking guitar and singing.

Earlier, Chris was helping a some guy named Clarence catch a fish. That’s all he wanted was the experience of catching a fish. Once that was accomplished, the two fisherman were heading back and Clarence asked Chris if that was him singing at the joint on the beach.

Chris affirmed it was and Clarence said he might like to come sit in and play a bit if that was okay. Chris told him to come on down.

Before the evening began, Chris was telling Red some guy named Clarence was going to join in. Chris mentioned his last name.

Red perked up with something like, “THE Clarence Clemons?”

Chris finally connected the name to the man and about had to clean his drawers.

Someone thought to get a photo of the evening, so here’s the proof it happened:

Well, history was made that night. And, you get to enjoy it.

So, give a listen and see what you think:

Hopefully, we’ve lit a fire and will have, at least an occasional, beach tune thrown in during future Live Podcasts.

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The podcasts usually run in the one hour to an hour and a half range. Does that work for you?

Chris has many classics, of course. But he has a trunk load of new songs he is polishing, too. Many of you are familiar with “Meet Me in Miami,” I think. But, that’s just one example. Make sure you request some of the newer songs. You will be so glad you did!

During the Podcasts, Chris tries to work requests in. If he can’t get to it during that particular Podcast, he will perform it during the next one.

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The plan, right now, is that Chris will be heading south to Florida around the first of March and coming back a few days later to pack up Ms. Janet, Bella Dog and the Bella Bus and the whole crew will be heading for Florida for a couple of months.

Yes, the weekly blog will go on just as it does now.

The hope is to find an internet connection in Florida that will allow the Facebook Live Podcasts to continue. We will sure be working on that for you!

This week, there will be one Chris Bellamy Live on Facebook and that will be on Thursday, February, 18 from 7 pm – 8:30 pm. Make YOUR plans now to be there.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you are all surviving all the rain. Be careful out there, and stay safe and well until either Thursday or next Sunday for the blog!