Everyone in the country, make that the world, is suffering through cutbacks in employment, gigs, life.

With fewer gigs available both in North Carolina and Florida, Chris is turning back a bit to two of his other loves: fishing and boats.

I know you have all heard about the fleet. Would you like to see them?

Here you are!

First the land boats. In the back, just a glance of the Bella Bus. In front of that is the Suburban with at least two gazillion miles on it from travelling to gigs here, there, and everywhere.

Beside that is the well known Dream Lady 2.

Undercover is the Chaos Skiff.

And, lastly, the work in progress – the airboat.

Now that you have seen them all, don’t you think it’s time to call Chris about a charter, or a tour of the waterways to include tidbits of local history?

You know the number right? If not, here you go: 910-512-0055.

Chris has a gig starting at 5 today at Buddy’s Crab House & Oyster Bar in Surf City. If you don’t already have plans, or even if you do, head on down to Buddy’s for some excellent food to go with some excellent music!

With things being as tough as they are, the gigs have been coming in more at the last minute, so it has been a challenge to keep you all updated. My sincerest apologies for that.

We are trying to stay on top of things, but again, with everything being last minute, it is difficult.

Not a lot of news. All are well here, and our prayers for you are that you stay safe and well.

In the meantime, let’s end things out this week with some music, okay?

“The Fisherman’s Song,” by Chris Bellamy and featuring Connie Burton.

Hopefully, that has you in the state of mind to take on a brand new week.

Once again, each and everyone of you please stay safe and well!