There is definitely a new year coming. So many have great hope that 2021 will be nothing like the year we are finally about to end.

There are so many who have lost jobs, lost hours at work, homes and lost so much more.

But here, we are thinking positively. This coming year is going to be a MUCH better year.

Wish I could guarantee it. If wishing would make it so, it would be.

Until then, let’s start with some good news. Last week we had the full-fledged Chris Bellamy Live on Facebook event. And it was a HUGE success.

There will a new Chris Bellamy Live on Facebook on New Year’s Eve. So make plans now to join in, hear some great music, short stories behind some of the songs, and chat with others watching.

Even more good news. As we have mentioned for about the last two months, Chris has had two songs on the rotation with CBRI Radio.

This week we saw the chart ranking the top 100 for the year. Check. It. Out!!

Here are the top 100:

      Rank   Title                      Artist                   Record Co.            
     01     Every Other Memory         Ryan Hurd                RCA                           
     02     I Called Mama              Tim McGraw               Big Machine
     03     Can't Stop                 Chloe Collins            Collins House
     04     The Juggler                Skip Ewing               Write!
     05     Worship You                Kane Brown               RCA
     06     Watered Down Whiskey       CJ Solar                 SR
     07     Big Blue Moon              Lee Sims                 SR
     08     Grew Up On That            High Valley              WB
     09     Keep Your Love To Yourself Eileen Carey             Rolly Coastr
     10     The Greatest Country Singer Dennis Ledbetter        Saint & Sinner
     11     7 Summers                  Morgan Wallen            Big Loud
     12     Good Time                  Niko Moon                RCA
     13     Ain't Always The Cowboy    Jon Pardi                Capitol
     14     What Gives Me The Right    Christine Van Hoy        CVH
     15     God Looks After Drunk Sailors  Chris Bellamy       Silver Buckle
     16     Sons & Daughters Of Summer Popoff Brothers Dirty Martini
     17     Fool's Love Affair         Randy Travis             117
     18     How They Remember You      Rascal Flatts            BMLG
     19     Someone Else Is Gonna Love Renele                   Meg
     20     Drinkin' More Without You  Shoebox Letters          SR
     21     Dreams & Gasoline          Shelley Lynch            SR
     22     Cheatin' Songs             Midland                  Big Machine
     23     Joan Of Arkansas           Lena Paige/Tanya Tucker  SR
     24     Ain't Bad For A Good  'Ol BMo Pitney                Curb
     25     I Love Country Music       Doug Hamilton            DHM
     26     Does To Me                 Luke Combs               Columbia
     27     Highway To Heaven          Lee Sims                 Adelphos
     28     Wash My Truck              Bobby Wills              SR
     29     What If You Did            Christine Van Hoy        CVH
     30     If That Ain't God          Chris Young              RCA
     31     Need A Bar Sometimes       Clay Walker              Show Dog
     32     To Always Be Like This     Chris Bellamy            SR
     33     Fit For A King             Gene Watson              Canyon Creek
     34     Got What I Got             Jason Aldean             BBR
     35     What  I'm Leaving For      Lady Antebellum          BMLG
     36     Wishin' I Was Fishin'      Lucas Hoge               Cupid
     37     One Margarita              Luke Bryan               Capitol
     38     Six Feet Apart             Luke Combs               Columbia
     39     You Ain't No Match         Lena Paige               LP
     40     Echoes Of My Life          Laini Risto              LR
     41     We Didn't Have Much        Justin Moore             Valory
     42     That Flashing Neon Sign    Joe Berry                Bulldog
     43     So Beautiful               John Michael Ferrari     Cappy
     44     Hate You Like I Love You   Granger Smith            Wheelhouse
     45     Rednecks                   Bellamy Brothers         CDTex
     46     Ode To Billy Joe           Catherine Altomare       New Notes
     47     Partner In Crime           Chloe Collins            Collins House
     48     The Free Show              David Haerle             CMH
     49     I Probably Should Go To BedDan + Shay               WB
     50     Cowboy Boogie              Doug Hamilton            SR
     51     Shallow                    Garth Brooks/Trisha YearwPearl
     52     Waste Of A Whiskey Drink   Gary Allan               EMI
     53     That's Why I Love Dirt RoadGranger Smith            Wheelhouse
     54     Blame It On You            Jason Aldean             BBR
     55     Hole In The Bottle         Kelsea Ballerini         Black River
     56     God Whispered Your Name    Keith Urban              Capitol
     57     Extra                      Kylie Trout              SR                            
     58     Champaign Night            Lady Antebellum          BMLG
     59     Down To One                Luke Bryan               Capitol
     60     More Than My Hometown      Morgan Wallen            Big Loud
     61     The Man Who Loves You      Zac Brown                19th & Grand
     62     When The Cowboy's Gone     Tracy Lawrence           LMG
     63     Be A Light                 Thomas Rhett             Valory
     64     Second Guessing            Showbox Letters          SR
     65     Cinco de Mayo              Rick Trevino             Campo Negro
     66     When Will I Be Loved       Rebel Hearts             SR
     67     Long Live                  Florida Georgia Line     BMLG
     68     Never Be Sorry             Old Dominion             RCA
     69     Lovesick Hillbilly         Bill Miles Band          SR
     70     Happy Anywhere             Blake Shelton            WB
     71     Fields of Gold             Catherine Altomare       New Notes LLC
     72     I Fight With My Wife       Bobby Compton            Lost Cause
     73     True Liberty               David Hearle             CMH
     74     Single Saturday Night      Cole Swindell            WMN
     75     Lovin' On You              Luke Combs               Columbia
     76     Beermuda Triangle          Grayson                  SR
     77     Case #87-13-10             Heather Smith            HSM
     78     Cold Beer Calling My Name  Jameson Rodgers          Columbia
     79     Here And Now               Kenny Chesney            WB
     80     Goodbye                    Kenny Rogers             Capitol
     81     One Big Country Song       LoCash                   Wheelhouse
     82     Better Together            Luke Combs               Columbia
     83     Whiskey & Rain             Michael Ray              WB
     84     Better Off                 Trace Adkins             Verge
     85     You're Gonna Love Me       Tim Dugger               Curb
     86     Please You                 Shoebox Letters          SR
     87     My Friend Fred             Sammy Kershaw            Big Hit
     88     Breaking Up Was Easy in theSam Hunt                 MCA
     89     Can't Take My Eyes Off of YPaco                     SR
     90     Hammock in July            Ramblin' Jake            SR
     91     Snowflakes In The Wind     Bobby Bare               
     92     Down Home Runs Deep        Chase Rice               BBR
     93     Broken Up                  Mitchell Tenpenny        Columbia
     94     Too Many Love Songs        Kaitlyn Kohler           CDTex
     95     You'll Never Walk Alone    Gerry & Pacemakers       PLG
     96     Canadian Soldier           Doug Hamilton            SR
     97     A Song To Remember         A Thousand Horses        Elektra
     98     Diamonds                   Morgan Evans             WB
     99     Just The Way               Parmalee                 Stoney Creek
     100    Only Truck In Town         Tyler Farr               BBR
      Total: 100

Check out #15 and #32. That’s right! In just about two months time, Mr. Bellamy landed not one, but TWO songs on the top 100. Woot! Woot!

I never post raw photos, but there are just not enough hours in the day sometimes. So, here are a few photos of getting ready behind the scenes before last night’s impromptu live event:

We all get ready in our own way. Bella has the best idea, don’t you think?

Now, just a reminder that this Thursday evening, YES, New Year’s Eve, Chris will be live on FB from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Be there!

But first, a musical treat to tide you over:

The Dream by Chris Bellamy

If you are around tonight at 6:00 pm, check in on Facebook. Chris will be picking some tunes from 6:00 pm to 7:pm.

If we don’t see you then, we will see you Thursday.

Til then be safe!